Charitable Work

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2012 - 2015

CrossCare Dublin Feeding Programme

Crosscare is one of Irelands oldest charities and has continued since the 1940's to identify new and emerging areas of need for those most affected by both poverty and disadvantage. Crosscare address's these identified need society and develop innovative approaches to address these needs. Our services are run from more than 30 locations throughout the Dublin Diocese

We are supporting CrossCare’s modernization of their Hollis Row Food Centre, which is in vital need of refurbishment to help deal with the threefold increase in the demand for hot meals by people and families who have been effected since the economic downturn

Global Emergency Care Skills

GECS was founded in 2008 as an Irish voluntary, non-profit organization with a core objective of providing emergency care training to doctors and nurses in countries with developing healthcare systems.

Sepsis and trauma are two of the fastest growing causes of morbidity and mortality in populations with developing healthcare systems. Recognizing the deficit in Emergency Care training in Africa, IAEM member Dr Jean O'Sullivan, Consultant in Emergency Medicine at the Adelaide & Meath Hospital, Incorporating the National Children's Hospital (AMNCH) in Tallaght established the Global Emergency Care Skills charity.

Global H20

Our goal at Global H2O is to provide clean water sources to communities through construction of wells, rain harvesting facilities, and spring boxes. We contract with organizations in developing countries to identify where we can significantly improve lives in a short period of time, with minimal expense and complexity.

A $20 donation provides clean water to one person for the rest of his or her life. The water problem is vast, but the solution is simple and effective.

2015 - 2017

Operation Smile Ireland Medical Missions

The goal of every medical mission is to fulfill a child's greatest wish: the chance to be normal.

Our unique and successful medical mission model is the foundation for providing safe surgeries for children around the world and building a long-term sustainable solution.

We mobilise medical professionals across Ireland to join international teams, who treat children with cleft lips, cleft palates, and other facial deformities, and leave a legacy of trained medical staff, surgical equipment and professional partnership to help carry on the work after our mission team has left.

Food for Life Vrindavan

Is a humanitarian aid organization officially recognized by the Indian government. For the last fifteen years, we have worked in the poorest villages in the Vrindavan area (120 Km south of New Delhi).

Today our services include

Education : The Sandipani Muni Schools Providing education for 1500 needy children from kindergarten to the end of inter-school. Our school children are girls only, with boys allowed in kindergarten We selected girls because the local culture at home boys are favored and girls get less food, less medical care, schooling possibility and lesser opportunities in general”.

Education : Training courses for adult women,

Food distribution-serving 66,000 meals a month

Taking care of sick injured and abandoned cows

Basic medical assistance to about 1,000 people per month

Assistance to the elderly and the disabled,

Environmental projects importantly including tree planting.

Nyumbani Village Kenya

Nyumbani serves 4,000 HIV/AIDS survivors every year

Nyumbani is a recognized world leader in providing HIV/AIDS services to children and affected families in Kenya.

Boys Africa Kenya Food Eating Nyumbani VillageNyumbani delivers comprehensive medical and home-based HIV/AIDS services in crucial areas of need: diagnostic services and critical medical care, holistic family and community building, education and preventive care, environmental sustainability, and self-reliance.

Nyumbani presents contrasts: We are ultramodern and high-tech, yet traditional and family-centered.

Nyumbani serves the most vulnerable baby nursery Africa HIV AIDS Kenya Nyumbani Four Nyumbani programs serve some of the poorest and most vulnerable populations of children, the elderly, and families affected by the devastating HIV/AIDS pandemic in sub-Saharan Africa.

Nyumbani Children’s Home - Nyumbani Village - Nyumbani Lea Toto Community Outreach - Nyumbani Diagnostic Laborarory

Why is Nyumbani needed?

Nyumbani Labcloseup Shot The need for Nyumbani couldn’t be more pressing: Over 200,000 Kenyan children under the age of 14 are infected with AIDS and an estimated 1.1 million Kenyan children are orphaned due to AIDS. AIDS has washed through Kenya’s communities like a tsunami, taking the strongest adults and leaving over a million children orphaned and older adults unable to support themselves in an unforgiving landscape of disease and poverty.

In addition to the Nyumbani programs in Kenya, it has chapters in the United States, United Kingdom, Spain, Italy and Ireland. Nyumbani is supported by government grants, donors, and corporate sponsorships. An annual gala in the U.S. provides a much-needed source of funding.

Our whole-child model works

Happy African boy Smile Kenya NyumbaniNyumbani’s caring, intensive, whole-child model works. It is a community-based method that is powerful and replicable.

Because of the sheer numbers of new HIV/AIDS cases, Nyumbani is growing.

Our goals are sweeping – to reduce HIV/AIDS transmission rates and improve quality of life for thousands of affected children and communities.


Alzheimer Society of Ireland:

Therapeutic Garden for sufferers of Alzheimers/dementia at the Orchard Day Care Centre, Temple Road, Blackrock, County Dublin

Ballet Ireland:

Extension of school based dance programme currently provided in seven primary schools in disadvantaged areas in Dublin to other DEIS (Delivering Equality of Opportunity in Schools) schools

Crosscare Community Food Banks:

Establishment of new Community Food Banks in areas of identified need such as Finglas Ballymun and Tallaght.

Global Emergency Care Skills:

An Irish charity, who help to train doctors and nurses from the developing world in the latest emergency techniques and how to use ultra sound equipment in place of X-Ray equipment for speedy diagnosis, GECS have older Ultra Sound equipment which St Lazarus Ireland is funding to repair to perfect working condition of two ultrasound machines donated to the charity by an Irish hospital for use in the field.
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